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William C. Belt Memorial Scholarship Application

This is a restricted type of financial aid. It is only available to applicants that are members of, OR, are a resident of the Upperco Volunteer Fire Company's first due area (as defined by the Baltimore County Fire Department station assignments). Beyond that restriction the selection process follows all aspects of every applicable equal opportunity regulation, law, or act. 

This application allows you to apply for scholarship aid and needs to be completed in its entirety for consideration by the SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE (refereed to as the "Committee”). 


Applications will be accepted from April1st - May 1st each calander year. 

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 requires the signature of a parent or guardian of applicants under the age of 18. If the applicant is over the age of 18 their signature is required. The signature will be an order for the school system, Volunteer Fire, Rescue, and EMS Companies, references, and employers to release information pertinent to this application. Without this permission the Board will not process this application. 

Basic requirements of the scholarship are as follows:

  • Applicant must be a member, junior member, or a resident of Upperco’s first due (primary 85 Box Alarm) geographical area ( defined by the Baltimore County Fire Department station assignments)
  • Must be enrolled in or accepted in an institution of higher learning in a course of study in:
    • Fire Suppression 
    • Emergency Medical Services or Medical Field (Doctor, Physicians Assistant or Nursing)
    • Engineering or architectural design involving compliance to fire codes, regulations, and related public safety methods involved in building design and construction. 
    • Scientific study related to any of the above. 
  • No financial need statement is required
  • Must have and maintain a “C” (2.0) average while enrolled in high school. 
  • Must have a demonstrated ability to achieve.
  •  Applicants meeting the above criteria will be considered regardless of their race, sex, color, religion, disability, national origin, or age.
  • Members of the committee must recuse themselves from recommending to the board if a family member has applied. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I am pursuing an Engineering degree. One required class involves the design of Fire sprinkler systems. Can I apply for this scholarship? 
A: Yes, you must submit a description and synopsis of the required class for the semester involved.

Q: I am studying building architectural design. One required class invokes the flow of egress from high-rise buildings in the event of fire or structural collapse. Can I apply for the scholarship?
A: Yes, you must submit a description and synopsis of the required class for the semester involved.

Q: I am enrolled into a course of study involving scientific research into the fundamentals of fire behavior. Can I apply for this scholarship?
A: Yes, Programs involving Physical fire science Ecological and Environmental fire science, Integrated fire and fuels management science, Fire behavior, Extensive modeling of fire behavior, Studies of soil heating due to fire, determination of fire effects, and ecosystem response to fire, Estimation of fire danger, Measurements of smoke emissions, dispersion and chemical content, and wildland fire science are covered.

Q: I am in the military and pursuing a degree. There are some military sponsored related courses that are not covered as part of my enlistment benefits. Can I apply for this scholarship? 
A: Yes, your last (pre-service) or current home address must be within the Upperco area. Your course of study must comply with the educational requirements of the scholarship as listed. 

Required   Indicates Required Field
Applicant Information
First Name : Required
Last Name : Required
Middle Name : Required
Street address: Required
City: Required
State: Required
Zip Code: Required
Phone number: Required
Email address: Required
Date of birth: Required
Applicants College/University ID# (if available): Required
Course of Study: Required
Applicant Parent Information
Parent or Guardian Name: Required
Parent Street Adress: Required
Parent city: Required
Parent State: Required
Parent zip code: Required
Parent Phone number: Required
Submit Essay:
On a separate attachment please write a 300 (or more) word composition relating why you are requesting aid, what you have accomplished at this point in your life, and what major occupational and volunteer goals you hope to accomplish in the next 10 years.
Add files...
If the committee needs additional information to adequately decide the requests, we reserve the right to request such additional information. We would expect that all reasonable information requested would be supplied in a timely manner.
Do you intend to work while attending college? : Required
What is your current place of employment and address?:
Supervisor's name, Email Address, Phone Number:
The following section deals with your educational achievement. Please attach a copy of your most recent transcript (unofficial is accepted) from either high school or college.
Transcript Attachment: Required
Add files...
High School attended: Required
School Phone number: Required
What was your GPA in High School?: Required
Did you graduate?: Required
Please list any applicable activities that you were involved in during high school under the listed categories below (use a separate attachment if necessary). : Required
Activity attachment:
Add files...
Honors and Awards:
Leadership activities:
Clubs, Organizations, Community Groups:
Are you presently enrolled in college? : Required
Have you served in the military? : Required
If yes, what branch? :
Please list any special circumstances, challenges, or problems that the Board should be aware of, either financially or otherwise, during the decision making process. :
Reference #1 Name: Required
Reference #1 Address: Required
Reference #1 Phone number: Required
Reference #1 Email: Required
Reference #2 Name: Required
Reference #2 Address: Required
Reference #2 Phone number: Required
Reference #2 Email: Required
Reference #3 Name: Required
Reference #3 Adress: Required
Reference #3 Phone number: Required
Reference #3 Email: Required
Type full legal name to affirm the following::
I hereby, swear or affirm, that the information provided herein is true and accurate. I also grant permission for the Board to contact all references and verify all information on this form. If awarded, the recipient(s) of scholarship agree to use and release of their name in Upperco VFC public information (including website).
Date/ Time Stamp: Required 07/19/2024 2035


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