Box 85-20 Wildland Fire
By Member Matthew Runyon
February 12, 2024

On Monday, February 12, 2024 at approximately 5:30pm, units were alerted for a reported large wildland fire in the area of Gunpowder Rd and Pleasant Meadow Rd in Upperco.

First arriving units from the Hereford VFC found two very large, unattended, out-of-control fires involving large piles of tree limbs and brush, spreading rapidly into the surrounding forest area despite steady rain falling at the time.

Units from Hereford and Upperco initiated an attack on the fire, located well off the roadway in difficult to access terrain. Additional resources were quickly requested to the scene to provide water and personnel for the operation.

Units operated at the scene for approximately 2.5 hours to bring the fires under control, and had to return later the same night to extinguish deep-seated fire that rekindled within the piles.

As a reminder, use caution when burning natural debris and rubbish. Never leave a fire unattended, and NEVER use flammable liquids to burn debris!

Units: E851, B858, U859, ATV85
Mutual Aid: E441, B443, TSU444, T446, B494, CCET24, CCB25, CCB46, CCET44, CCT7