Mutual Aide box 2-21 - MVC w/Rescue
By Matthew Runyon
December 15, 2023

Upperco volunteers were alerted around 2:30pm Friday December 15th to assist Carroll County units at the scene of a vehicle collision with rescue in the area of Hampstead-Mexico Rd & Snydersburg Rd. in Hampstead. Engine 852 responded with 4 personnel, then was placed in service by command while enroute. Minutes later, however, E852 was re-dispatched to the same incident, this time to respond to establish a landing site for MSP Trooper 3, responding to transport a seriously-injured patient from the scene of the vehicle collision. E852 set up the landing zone at the Coppermine Pantherplex (former North Carroll HS) parking lot. E852, assisted by members of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office recruit class (in training at the Pantherplex) secured the LZ and assisted Carroll County units with transfer of the patient to the helicopter for transport to an area trauma center.

Units: E852