UVFC Prepares to move into our New Station 85 & we need your help!
By President Ashley Hale
September 1, 2022

Sponsor A Room

With the completion of our New Fire Station at 5500 Fringer Road, Upperco, MD 21155 coming in the next few months we are asking our beloved community to help furnish our New Fire Station. As a consolidated company of Boring Volunteer Fire Company and Arcadia Volunteer Fire Company, most of the furnishings we currently have are very old and not suitable for our day to day activities in our building. This places a large financial burden on our Company to fully furnish a new home, make payments on our $2 million loan, and maintain our emergency response equipment. Sponsoring a room is donating the necessary funds to furnish these rooms with desks, chairs, and necessary equipment.

Each Sponsor will have a plaque inside the room or on the door in their name. Room Sponsors will also receive VIP Early access to our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open house.

Our hope is to fill our station with the names of Community Businesses, Foundations and Friends. Donations made are tax deductible. We appreciate your consideration and donations to help make our new station a new home for all of our volunteer members.

The Volunteers of the Upperco Volunteer Fire Company can't wait to welcome our community into our new home in late summer/ early fall of 2022!

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5/17/2022 Progress Video