UVFC members hold RIT (Rapid Intervention Training) at Arcadia facilities
By Member Richard Bleser jr PIO
August 25, 2019

Sunday, August 25, 2019 Members of the Upperco Volunteer Fire Company attended a session for RIT (Rapid Intervention Training) a refresher class taught By Doug Brinkley, Division Cheif BWI Airport.

The training covered all aspects of Rapid Intervention including calling a MAYDAY, Radio Discipline, Focusing on Your Assignment, Personnel Rescue Demonstrations, via video and RIT Team assignments. Also included were how to assemble a proper RIT Tool Bag among a number of other rescue techniques for FD RIT emergencies.

This is another in a series of training planned coordinated for the betterment of UVFC Figher Fighters and support personnel by Training LT Scott Boose.