Rollover with Entrapment
By Member, Mike Thompson
February 17, 2019

At approx. 1:25 AM on the morning of Feb 17th, Upperco VFC was alerted for a rollover with entrapment at the intersection of Butler and Dover Rds. UVFC responded with Utility 859 and Brush 858. While enroute, units from surrounding stations were searching the area for the accident. Truck 404 from Glyndon was flagged down by the patient that was not trapped and assisted them to the location of the accident, roughly 100 yards off the road in the middle of a field. Upon arrival, Upperco VFC was asked to load U859 with tools out of Reisterstown VFC’s Rescue Squad and transport through the field. After a difficult extraction, the patient was secured to a backboard and loaded in the bed of U859. The patient was then transported by ambulance to the hospital. All units were cleared by 2:45AM.

Units: U859 B858